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Gallifrey 21 Photos in Torchwood magazine
creadigol_lili wrote in tw_cosplay
Hi all,

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I'm quite excited after receiving this message from the senior editor of Torchwood Magazine

Hi there,

I'd love to use some of your "Torchwood Love at Gallifrey 21" photography in Torchwood magazine. Would that be okay with you? If so, would you like to be credited under your real name, or as creadigol_lili? And do you know the names of the people in your pictures?

Do please let me know,
Many thanks!

Simon Hugo
Senior Editor: Torchwood, Star Wars Insider & Star Trek

Of course, it could be too good to be true, and be a hoax, which is why I sent this to the email address he supplied.

Hi Simon,

This is creadigol_lili, also known as Samantha here.
You made my morning, and I'm simply over the moon that you'd even want to use my photos, but I want to first double check that you are the real mccoy before sending you the HQ versions of the photos. I'm sure you understand my reasoning behind this.
So I'll be calling your office most likely on Thursday to double check everything.
I'm currently in the London area, so I can also come in as well.

Once I do that I'll be posting a post on the tw_cosplay LJ comm asking if the cosplayers in the photos are willing to be both in the magazine and what names they want to be credited as. Then once I get that information, I'll send you the photos and the names.
I'll prefer to be credited by my real name, but a link back to my Livejournal in the magazine would be amasing, or to the comm itself.

Is there a particular date you need this all by? Deadlines and such??

Many regards,

So that's what I'm going to do.
I was so tempted to just say OMG YES! but I put my serious hat on and throught about the issue of giving my photography away to someone who could be a poser and claim it as their own work and do whatever they want with it, which is a little dodgy considering the people in said photos have legal rights and all that (I studied photography in college, including some of the legal aspects too)

But if this is true... who else is as excited as me!!

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OMGOMG, that is so freakin crazy!!! I'll send you my info (cause I'm the Ianto in the pics) and we're making sure everyone knows about this so they can give the ok for any of the pics we're in.

OMG!!! Thank you so much for posting this and for being awesome about it all!! You rock. A lot.

I also received a similar email about my costume from Chicago TARDIS (icon relevant - hee, I did Alice, err, I mean, I cosplayed Alice)

I looked up the info on the magazine company, and the from email address looked legit so I responded affirmatively without reservation, but if you're local and can give them a ring to confirm, that's awesome.

(I was directed to this post by knitchick1979, had not known of this comm before, but *joins* :D)

According to the only copy of the TW magazine I have (bought for Team Bsrrowman's selkie story), Simon Hugo is indeed the editor.

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