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Torchwood Cosplay
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Torchwood Cosplay


Torchwood Cosplay (tw_cosplay is a community entirely devoted to cosplay from the Doctor Who spinoff show, Torchwood. Discuss, ask questions, share, and collaborate (or corroborate).

something you will follow because you know what torchwood does to people who don't

1. Play nice. Flaming, bad-mouthing, or otherwise bashing characters, costumes, fandoms, or other cosplayers is not allowed here. And there's no way that "do I need to separate you two?" works as a threat on the internet.

2. Stay relatively on topic. This is a community first and foremost about cosplay, not fanfic, fanart, spoilers, reviews, etc. If you want to share your latest prose, you're in the wrong place. This also includes discussion of non-Torchwood costumes. Characters directly related to Torchwood are allowed, but this is not the place to show off your 4th Doctor costume. Sorry. (if you want to, please visit dw_cosplay)

3. Be kind to browsers (and friends lists). Put large posts and photos under a cut. If you want, you may preview images, but nothing larger than 300x400px, please.

4. Protect your spoilers! No matter what, all spoilers must go under a cut. This includes promo/set photos, spoilery costumes, and discussion of costumes in unaired or recently aired episodes. This will be strictly enforced by the moderators.

5. Please do not post illegal content. If it is questionable, please put it under a cut. This especially includes torrents and other video downloads.

6. Keep it clean. Well, mostly clean. It is Torchwood, which means that there's bound to be some smutty something or other, but keep it out of the NC-17 realm. Once you get to that rating, do you really call it 'cosplay'? Also, post anything under a cut that would qualify as 'mature content'.

Other than that, enjoy!

Costume Breakdowns
Captain Jack Harkness

For general Doctor Who universe cosplay, visit: