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the tardis by doctorshorcrux

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Gwen Diesel Rising Sun alt for sale
black hole
Hi there,

I am selling my Rising Sun jacket and thought I would post here.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Gwen Auction Here
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[COSPLAY] Torchwood Cosplay Picspam
Hey guys! We did a Torchwood group cosplay photoshoot a few months ago and just wanted to share the pics with you guys. :)

Harmony/myself as Tosh | k_chan009 as Jack | j_plash as Ianto | headdeskben as Owen | Liz as Gwen | tehcrayonofdoom as Suzie
Photography by rayfy_chan

Click here to see the rest of the photos

We'd love your feedback! If you'd like to comment please do so on the entry I linked above, not this post ;__; most of the time LJ doesn't give me notifications for comments on my posts in communities ><

Thanks for your time!

~ Harmony

Genuine WW2 Military Greatcoat for Sale, Great for Capt Jack Harkness Cosplay
The Bride
Originally posted by sunflashnurse at Genuine WW2 Military Greatcoat for Sale, Great for Capt Jack Harkness Cosplay
Capt Jack harkness coat this way............Collapse )

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leather, chris pine
Hello! Looking for some advice on John's coat.

I just bought this lovely thing and need to add the braid decoration on the front. However, as it's Ralph Lauren, I'd prefer to be able to remove the braid if necessary. Any thoughts as to the best materials/method? Full disclosure: I'm a terrible sewer.

Also, it has the navy collar, but not the cuffs. Adding cuffs in a non-damaging manner seems like it would be rather difficult. Right?

Thanks for your help!

Captain Jack's rank braids
cute kitties
So I'm back with another question. I've been able to find most of the needed items for Jack and now I'm starting on the details. I found a US Air Force coat from a surplus store (for $32!) and want to start adding the Jack touches.

I went looking for a black/light blue striped ribbon the other day and surprisingly couldn't find anything of the right width or color. I'm wondering what other Jack's have done to make their rank braids? And how did you attach it? (my mom recommended hot gluing the ribbon right to the coat...I felt that would damage the coat if I ever wanted to remove them.)

Looking for Countrycide Ianto items
cute kitties
I would like help in identifying Ianto's jacket and "backpack" in Countrycide. I've only heard that the jacket is from Topman but nothing else. Also I can't figure out how to search for the case both Ianto and Owen have.

Photo 1
Photo 2

I've tried searching laptop cases, hard shell backpacks...

Thanks in advance for any help given!

Help With Reset Martha
Has anyone ever dressed as Martha from Reset? What would you recommend looking for (besides the scrubs)? If anyone can point me towards a breakdown or a successful cosplay, I would really appreciate it!

This gallery has tons of screencaps from the ep as a reference.

(I posted this to dw_cosplay too, so sorry if there's f-list overlap)
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New Jack Costume pictures.
Ianto Cosplay
I revamped my Jack costume recently and had a new set of pics taken so I thought I'd share...

Warning: Image heavy :)

Pictures   (links to my journal)

More Owen Shots with Captain Jack and Near the Tardis we built
Always a Bard, Once a Bard
I know Taritel Runya posted a few pics, but I wanted to say I was very proud of our Doctor Who invasion of All Con.  So, of the few pictures I go to be a part of, this is one i found.  Here's one of the better shots of me in Vincent Gear.

Here's the one companion shot, i know of, that i got in on.

Vincent and others...Collapse )

Also, here's some more intricate shots I got with some of our regular group.

Believe me, switching between Vincent, the 4th Doctor, then Owen was a full time gig.

I pulled together Zack for some Owen Jack shots, and these are some of the few i really like.

OwenandJackCollapse )

FreezeM*&%$@!Collapse )

At the early last of the con, however we were interviewed, and i had managed to find our Tosh, who I put into my lab coat, and we were interivewed by The

Torcchwood, no gwen, but two oneyed jacks?Collapse )

Unfortunately, the Noobnews piece never aired.  I felt slightly jilted, but i imagine they just didn't have the time to have some fans talk torchwood.  Still, i guess that's the way it goes.

The last thng that's interesting is that we were shown in a piece by 8 Bit Mickey

Anyway, you can see us, exactly on the other side of the Tardis when he touches it and calls it Sexual.  OR at least you can see me, and a peek a Tosh.

Anyway, more soon


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