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Torchwood Love at Gallifrey 21
creadigol_lili wrote in tw_cosplay

Long delay is long... but I have a really good excuse, honestly: I have moved countries and homes and have been flat out job hunting to boot. Australia to the UK, a big move much y/y???

But here's my photo's from Gallifrey 21 last Feb, the Torchwood related ones only, the Doctor Who photos will be posted on dw_cosplay in due time and eventually linked back here and vise versa.

I was the Journey's End (fangirl!) Donna (see icon) with the Adipose and sometimes Myfanwy and the big camera, hanging around with the Jack/Fifth Doctor couple, all of us part of the Gallifreyan Time Love Brigade who did the skit in the masquerade that apparently freaked Louise Page out a little xD

But onwards to the photo sexy times, and if you find yourself in any of these photos, simply let me know and I'll add your username to the post.
Spoilers for all 3 series of Torchwood within, non dial friendly, slightly NSFW and sometimes quite crack-tastic. Enjoy!
Mods: Let me know if there's too many photos and I will divide them into a few different posts.


Jack and Ianto Ken dolls <3

Have you seen Myfanwy?? D:

Rhys in heaven ^_^

Ianto squish

SPOILERS >_< the dead of Torchwood

Do not want

T-ORGY tiem!!

Jazz hands!

My smexy friend Samson as Jack (my costume, techincally, but he wears it better than me ^_^)

Jack off!

Ianto approves

Torchwood couples <3

Myfanwy hitches a ride with a Dalek

Bring it on bitch

Not again >_<

When wigs attack!


Time to "dance" ;)

Starbucks = EVILL!

Piggy back time. Our Ianto wasn't even a Who fan, but just visiting us while we were in America. After realising she would make a cute Ianto, we threw together a costume for her. Sadly we couldn't find her any pants. Jack stole them.


Ianto/Jenny??? Based on conversation during one of the slash panels where the pairing on Ianto/Jenny was touched on briefly.

Based on this skit, we did for a con in Sydney last year. Jack/Jenny/Ianto after getting married go and steal the Tardis for sexy fun times in time and space. Ianto isn't too amused sadly, but hey, at least she's cute. ^_^


And that's all, hope you enjoyed! And I hope I get to go to Gallifrey next year (it's doubtful) but hey, at least I'll be a HUB 4 this year... hopefully in my fem!Jack and fem!Ianto costumes <3

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you got some awesome pics of our group, mind if I snag a few?

sure snag away. you guys were so awesome I went a little mental with my camera.

I wish I had worn a different costume since that's the day all the pics were taken. I would have worn a better Owen. I love that you got Jack and the Dalek, I had hoped somebody would

Hope the move/job hunt went alright.

Thanks a ton for these. They are VERY awesome. You got some of the best photos of my Last of the Time Lords costume ever.

Mind if I snag, like, all of them? <3

Happy to share, snag away ^_^

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