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Gallifrey 21 Photos in Torchwood magazine IS ON!!!
creadigol_lili wrote in tw_cosplay
No... this isn't an April Fools joke. For srs.

Hey all me again.
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I've been in contact over the photo with Simon Hugo of Torchwood magazine and I can guarantee that this is the real deal. He wants to use my photos in an upcoming issue of the magazine (and I might even get paid for it ^_^ great news for poor old me, it could fund my Cardiff trip to Wales Comic Con, which would be so very awesome and highly appropriate)

Under the cut are the photos he wants to use, so if you are in any of these photos, or know the cosplayers in them, please let me know via personal message the following: (by Tuesday 6th April 9am GMT time, since the deadline is approaching, I want to get the photos to him as soon as possible)

-Are you ok with being seen in Torchwood magazine in costume?
-What name do you want to be credited under?

Also... everyone attending HUB 4 next weekend, be sure to say hi, I'll be taking photos will may end up in the magazine as well. I'll be the Australian femme!Ianto with UNIT beret, Myfanwy and big ass camera. (Because sadly, I can't afford to put together my epic femme!Jack costume I had planned, through I made still throw something femmey for Jack together...)

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Oh wonderful! Congrats for getting your photos into the mag. I shall look forward to seeing them there.

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