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for all your Torchwood Cosplay needs

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Torchwood cosplay
pugovi4ka wrote in tw_cosplay
Greetings to all members of this community! I wish to present to your attention cosplay-story performed by russian cos-band "Be ready": http://www.neodiafilm.ru/masterpeaces/fraud-eng.html The general photo:

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Ha! That was all types of awesome, I love it. Great work! :D

Thanks big for a response!

Among all other things awesome, I am especially blown away by the lighting in this pic and how well it matches with the background!

Thank you, our photographer and the master of a photoshop are very talented people.

oh God, it was brilliant!! Great cast, true characterization, amazing photoediting... awesome work!!!!!! Wish I could be part of such a show once as well. Must have been great fun.
Thank you for sharin! Will there be more eps? :P *hints* ;-)
*saves to memories*

It's very pleasant to hear it! And - yes, it was very fascinating to work over this project. About following episodes - can be in the future.

Oh this is wonderful! The whole thing looks like so much fun, and I love what you've managed to do with a limited budget.

Love your Jack and John too. *g*

Thanks, we worked with pleasure :)

Your Tosh would make a good Donna, too.

I do not think so, but probably she will consider this variant :)

Haven't had time to look at your whole photoset adventure yet, but nice stuff.

I hope, soon you will find time to see all photos.

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